Update:The CTF is now officially over. We are not accepting any submissions but you can still have a crack at it. The final Leaderboard is here. Thank You everyone, for making it a success!.

We are excited to announce that the 2nd SQLiLab CTF will take place from April 18th to 20th 2014. The first CTF (hosted in October 2013) was a major success. We had over 1800 users world-wide playing the event and this time, we promise, it will be even more fun...

  • 1x Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner Professional
  • 1x Metasploit Pro License from Rapid7
  • 1x ticket for Appsec EU and HackMiami conferences
  • 1x 1 month SQLiLab access.
  • 1x 1 month access to Pentester Academy.
1. When does the CTF start?

9:00 am GMT on Friday 18th April 2014

2. When does CTF end?

15:00 GMT on Sunday 20th April 2014

3. How many challenges and what are the objectives?

There will be 2 challenges and you will have to obtain 2 flags. Everyone who gets both Flags will find a mention on our leader-board page.

4. What if I am not an expert, can I practice somewhere before the CTF?

We encourage you to sign up for SQLiLab which has a number of challenges. We provide detailed solution to each challenge (both pdf and video walk through). That should get you up and running before the main event. A write-up about the previous CTF can be found here.

5. How can I participate?

Its FREE to participate in the CTF. Please register using the form below and we will send you the email with the CTF link when it starts

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